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Welcome to the Weaver Athletic Association's website.  For specific sport information, click on the "SPORT" tab, the "Season", "League" and "Teams" about which you are inquiring.  To register online, you must login with an email and password.  You may edit your account at any time to update your member login information.

We offer the following Youth Sports:

Field Hockey | Girls Basketball | Baseball




Weaver Adds Winter Field Hockey

Winter Club Season is Here!!!  Indoor hard court and we're adding two outdoor options a week.

K-12 and adults!

We will be practicing, training, and playing in accordance with Chesterfield's and Henrico's Park and Rec depts', and the Governor's protocols. 

What to expect! We are starting to play now! We will have 3 days a week of hockey opportunity including Futures style training, skills and concepts, game situation play, and intra-club competition. 

We will have our usual indoor season (usual all things considered) at Shooters and Ozone and we are adding two outdoor options as well.

Why Indoor? Indoor training and game play hones your small technical skills and trains you in space awareness and critical thinking. Good indoor skills translate directly into better Outdoor play. I promise you that a college coach can watch a player on grass and quickly determine if she plays indoor and how well she plays, too. 

Why Outdoor this winter? We love hockey and right now players and parents are at different levels of comfort re indoor; etc. We want our clubmates to have opportunities and options. Also, we want to be ready for tryouts and not rusty for the spring club season. We are adding outdoor because we can. 

High schoolers, are you thinking college hockey? We can help with the recruitment process. 

Register at 


$275 for U12s meaning K- those born in 2010

$325 for U14s, U16s, and U19s. 


Current Schedule:  

Sundays Starting November 7th Shooter's Indoor 6140 Brad McNeer Pkwy Midlothian 23112   Indoor Play U12s and U14s 1:00-3:00 and U16s and U19s 3:00- 5:00 ----  We will extend these times depending on numbers. 

Mondays the start date is TBD depending on Mr. O's estate:   The Ozone 11169 Air Park Rd 23005 (95/ Atlee Elmont exit)   Indoor Play

Everyone 6:00-8:15   We Do Not Have a Start Date for the Ozone 

Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00 at River City -- Futures style training and principles of play Field #8 Outdoor

Saturdays 2:30-4:30 alternating between Tuckahoe Middle and Betty Weaver  Outdoor

Outdoor will be weather dependent. If it's 34 degrees and windy at River City we will not meet. 

Girl Power Goalie School!!  Coach Gill is leading our keeper training mission on Sundays 3:00- 5:00 and Wednesdays along with Coach Heyden from LC Byrd --- that would be Region 5C Coach of the Year. We even get guest coaches like former Clover Hill rock star GK Logan Gill and Chloe Billy GK at UMW. 

We are always on the lookout for goalies ages 6-18. We have gear... come try it on. 

Tournaments, games, play days; etc. The club community are talking now about scheduling both indoor and outdoor events. We are going to take the season where it leads us and be ready for good, constructive, and safe opportunities for our athletes.

Many indoor events are hosted at CNU, ODU, Va Wesleyan, and at facilities in Virginia Beach and Fredericksburg. 

In this COVID influenced environment we will remain flexible to situations and concerns. As always we welcome parent feedback as to comfort levels. We strictly adhere to the state and local protocols set by the Governor, the counties, and the Va Dept of Health.

Looking forward to a great winter season. We strongly believe that strong principles of play, technical skills training, good sportsmanship, and hard work absolutely combine with a lot of fun doing it all to make a great Undertow Club community.

First off our mission: Everything we do is to help the players get better and reach their goals. The idea is that you will learn, train, and have a blast during these 4 months of hockey so that you can go back to your school team next fall and your club this spring and showcase your mad talents, technical hockey know-how, and add to your team's school experience and level of play.

Mistakes....  we demand that you continue to push yourself and make mistakes. We can help fix and mitgate mistakes and help teach you to recover. Make mistakes with us and showcase the results on your school and club team. 

New players....  the coaches and more importantly all of the girls in the club welcome new teammates.

Plunket, Catherine, Hodan, Cape, Kelsey, Coach Heydan, Coach Meredith, Coach McNamara, and Coach Gill

by posted 11/01/2021
Weaver Basketball is Back!!!!


                         Weaver Girls Basketball is Back!!!!!!!     

Registration is open now! Go to Register Now and find 2021-2022 Weaver Basketball.

We have practice space at Betty Weaver ES, we have balls, we are gathering together coaches, and we are looking for players who want to join in:


* An incredible group of teammates

* A thriving learning and competative environment

* With experienced coaches

* rebuilding a legendary Basketball Community


As we are moving forward we will keep everyone updated. 


So Register Now and let's get this Basketball Season rolling.

We are always on the lookout for coaches who want to help our athletes in Pursuing Victory with Honor.  

Don't hesitate to contact WeaverAA President Plunket Beirne at



by posted 11/01/2021
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